You can find anything on the internet including a lot of inaccurate information. There are discrepancies online about what a naturopath is and what they can do. We wanted to set the record straight with some concise guidelines you can follow to clearly understand the capabilities of your naturopath.

What is a naturopath?

Simply put, a naturopath is a health practitioner that uses natural therapies to treat their patients. Naturopaths establish their own businesses or work within hospitals, spas, or wellness centers, such as Infinite Wellness. They use a variety of different techniques to treat patients including: homeopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. After obtaining their initial certification, some naturopaths continue their education to specialize in areas such as infertility, dermatological issues, sports injury treatment, and children/infant treatment.

As the western world changes, naturopathy becomes more recognized and accepted as an effective form of treatment for a variety of issues. Many individuals seek out the assistance of a naturopath in place of a variety of failed medical treatments or to work in conjunction with their current treatment. People are also becoming less attracted to medications with negative side effects or non-natural ingredients.

Naturopaths treat individuals as a whole including their body, mind, and spirit in their treatment plan.

Where does naturopathy come from?

Naturopathy has been a trusted treatment form for hundreds of years and includes the following principles:

Nature has the ability to heal the individual
There is always an underlying cause of health issues
A Naturopath will only use treatments that heal the current condition and
A Naturopath will not create other issues by using a specific treatment
All aspects of an individual’s being are to be included in their treatment
Naturopaths are to teach patients positive self-care
Focus on the prevention further disease instead of treating a disease after it appears

Western medicine and naturopathy differ in terms of the holistic approach as western medicine tends to focus on disease treatment vs. disease prevention.

What can you expect when visiting a naturopath?

Most naturopaths begin with an initial consultation. At this time, you’ll answer a variety of questions including your health history, past traditional and natural treatments, current treatment plans, and diet and lifestyle. After spending some time going over these topics, the naturopath will then proceed to complete your physical assessment. After the findings of their assessment, they may have you complete some test such as hair, stool or blood analysis.

Once the naturopath has gathered all of the necessary information, he/she will develop your treatment plan that could include advice about diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbal treatments, homeopathic treatments, and more. Depending on your current health issues, your naturopath may refer you to other natural health practitioners such as acupuncturists or reiki practitioners.

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