Reduce Stress, Improve Relaxation & Healing

At Infinite Potential Center, Reiki is just one of the many services we offer. Reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stress and improving relaxation to promote healing in the body. Reiki centers around restoring low levels of life force energy to heal the body and promote health and happiness.

Reiki is a whole person treatment that encompasses your body, mind, spirit and emotional wellbeing. Because it is a natural and safe it’s an excellent treatment that everyone can benefit from.

After a Reiki treatment you can expect to benefit from an improved state of relaxation, increased feelings of peace and serenity and a deeper feeling of security and safety.

Meet Our Reiki Practitioners

Nick Larsen

Nick Larsen

Reiki Master & Quantum Wave Therapy

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Taralee Zapototsky

Taralee Zapototsky

Reiki Master, Medium & Intuitive Healer

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