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A holistic health coach is a trained professional who uses an approach that includes both diet and lifestyle changes to improve their clients overall health. The end goal is an overall healthier life, so they look at their clients’ nutritional patterns, relationships, physical fitness, mental health and more. Any factors that are relevant to the health and well-being of their client is an important part of holistic health coaching.

Since each client is different, each coach and their approach to holistic health coaching is unique. Every client-coach interaction will be different based on the client’s needs and goals and the coach’s background.

Making changes in your life takes motivation, determination, and inspiration. At Infinite Potential Center, we are here to support you on your journey to achieving optimal health. Come in for a consultation, tell us your story, and let us help you understand how it affects your body, mental health, self-care routines, and more. A consultation is a great place to get a clear look at your health, and yourself to make a solid plan for a healthy future.

Meet Our Holistic Health Support Specialist

Allison Barlow

Allison Barlow

Holistic Health Support Specialist

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