Spring has almost sprung and with the rapid changes in weather come rapid changes in our health. The prairies are known to hit temperatures from one extreme to another in the same day, leaving you and your loved ones vulnerable to colds and even this years aggressive strain of the respiratory flu. There are many ways to boost your immunity naturally so if you’re looking for a boost here are some tips for your whole family.

Rest and de-stress.

Ensuring you and your loved ones are getting enough sleep is step one when boosting your immunity naturally. Sleep deprivation increases cortisol in your body and prolonged exposure to this hormone causes immune system suppression. Take it a step further and be sure to practice healthy coping mechanisms when it comes to stress. Being stressed for prolonged periods of time can cause an increase in cortisol too. Practice yoga or meditation, get some exercise or vent to a friend-whatever you need to do to keep your stress at bay.

Avoid second-hand smoke.

Being exposed to second-hand smoke isn’t just terrible for your lung health, it’s also been shown to decrease your immune defense. Second-hand smoke exposure can increase your risk of developing respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia in both adults and children and can increase the risk of ear infections in children.

Decrease your alcohol intake.

We get it-many people like to have a glass of wine or a beer socially, and that’s ok but when you begin to consume alcohol more than normal it could begin to negatively affect your immunity. Excessive consumption impairs your immune system opening you up to lung infections.

Increase your vegetable, fruit, nut and seed intake.

All of these items provide significant nutrition to your body and immune system. Boosting your intake of these healthy food groups can improve your chances of fighting off the common Steptococcus pneumonia organism.

Add probiotics to your regimen.

Probiotics are supplements that come in dosages for both children and adults. Our bodies have both good and bad bacteria in them. Good bacteria are helpful in keeping your digestive system functioning properly and probiotics are considered a good bacteria. They have been shown to help protect your body from a variety of respiratory and GI infections.

Let the sun shine down on you.

Most people know this already but exposure to the sun increases your Vitamin D production. As little as 10-15 minutes is all it takes to increase your intake. There are a very limited number of foods that contain vitamin D so getting enough without exposure to the sun is difficult. To effectively protect yourself from respiratory infection enjoy as much of the sunshine as you can.

Add garlic to your foods.

Garlic is a well known antimicrobial agent and immune system support. To ensure you’re getting all the benefits of adding garlic to your diet be sure to add it to food just before consuming them. Exposure to heat deactivates one of its key components so you will not get the same effect.

Add mushrooms to your grocery list.

Shiitake and maitake mushrooms are considered medicinal. These tasty fungi will drastically increase your immunity and has even been shown to improve the immunity of women with breast cancer.

Shop for some herbs.

If you are constantly battling infections, consider talking with your naturopath about immune system supporting herbs that you could add to your daily regimen. There are a ton of options depending on your circumstances and the illness that seems to be lingering around.

Invest in some echinacea.

Echinacea is well known to protect you from respiratory viruses. Echinacea is a perennial plant and can help reduce the symptoms of colds, flu, and a variety of infections/conditions.

These ten tips are things you can implement for everyone in your family. If you’re still struggling to improve your immunity, the staff at Infinite Wellness would be delighted to assist you in determining the cause of your struggle! Contact us today to book your assessment.

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