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Infinite Potential Center offers weekly Guided Meditations and Yoga classes. These classes are offered as a drop in for $12- $15 or you can purchase punch pass packages of 5 classes for $55 or 10 classes for $99. Pre-registration is an option but is not required. You can find our full Calendar of classes and events here.


Meditation is a practice of using a technique – like mindfulness, focusing on an object or activity, or being guided through imagery – to train attention andawareness, resulting in mental clarity and emotional calm.

Now, meditating isn’t about becoming a Zen master. You’re not trying to levitate…or to turn off your thoughts and feelings. It’s about observing your thoughts andfeelings without judgement.

This is a skill we learn through repetition, just like building the reflexes to catch a ball or drive a car. Think of it as working out a muscle: you’re not going to get a 6-pack in a week! There’s no such thing as perfect meditation; your mind will wander. That’s the whole point: you’re just doing reps to build the reflexes of your attention.

By shifting the way we relate to our thoughts and feelings, we can dial down the intensity of emotions that tend to take hold of us, maybe understand them a little better; and ultimately experience a greater sense of calm, clarity and focus in our lives.

We are pleased to offer weekly meditation classes to help you on your journey!

Check out our calendar to see when our next class is happening!

And now, before scrolling away… take this one moment for yourself.

Breathe in.

And as you exhale, let go of something that’s not serving you.

Maybe that’s just the grip you have on your shoulders, tension in your jaw, a thing someone said to you that stung, or something surprisingly heavier.

Breathe in, and out. And set some weights down, like taking off a backpack, just for this moment. You are worth your time.


Yoga means “yoke,” or “union” as in the joining of breath with movement, or body with mind. In group classes we are guided through physical poses while also incorporating breath, focus, intention and goodwill for a workout that improves the health of both our body and mind. 

Gradual but measurable benefits compound over time: yoga improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, restores posture, prevents joint breakdown, protects your spine, increases blood flow, regulates your nervous system, helps you focus, aids deeper sleep, and stimulates the release of brain chemicals associated with happiness. Yoga can be physically vigorous or virtually sleep-like, but all styles develop personal inquiry and deep relaxation.

We are so pleased to offer weekly yoga classes to help you along your path!

Check out our calendar for upcoming yoga classes!

And now, before clicking away, take this one moment just for you.

Lace your fingers together and stretch your arms out in front of you as far as they’ll go, curling forward like a cat stretching. Breathe deep.

Keep those fingers laced and reach your palms up to the ceiling, inflating and deflating your ribs.

Now clasp your hands behind your hips and shine your chest upwards toward the ceiling, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Let the breath rush in and pour out.

Drop one ear toward your shoulder. Hang the opposite shoulder heavy, deepening the stretch in your neck by releasing, not pulling. Let your belly soften; feel it ballooning with each breath.

Slowly change sides. Let that balloon breath billow your belly — no one is looking! Let it be loose.

Now place your head back on top of your spine. Every inch forward our head sits adds 10 pounds to the weight our neck carries… and we instinctively lean into our screens.

Say a quick thank you to your body for carrying you around all day long!

Have a blessed day.


Yoga Flow:

In this class we link movement and breath to find our own state of flow: being in the moment with whatever it brings. We build stimulating poses from the ground up, so you get the safest workout for your unique body. Every class is themed, directing our inquiry to physical or mental challenges we all face. Make friends with muscles you didn’t know you had as you enrich body alignment, balance, elasticity, strength and mental clarity. All levels welcome, though some yoga experience is beneficial.

Yoga Tune In:

Yoga is for everybody, and every body. If you’re new to yoga or enjoy a more measured pace, you’ve come to the right place. This unintimidating, well-rounded yoga class will release tight joints, improve mobility and strength, integrate the breath to calm the nervous system, build balance, and teach us how to tune in to what our wise bodies are telling us. Every class is themed, directing our inquiry to physical or mental challenges we all face. No experience necessary: beginners welcome! 

Yoga Escape:

Our bodies collect our daily stress, worries and responsibilities and turn them into physical tension. Over time, that tightness gets locked in, and we wear it like a rusty suit of armor. In this deeply healing class, we give ourselves permission to set our armor down. A unique combination of massage ball rolling, gentle stretches, breath techniques, and the sleep-like state of restorative yoga poses, Yoga Escape offers the opportunity for total relaxation. Low lights and soothing music set the tone for your evening of renewal. No experience necessary; come as you are. Please bring a yogamat, a blanket and a pillow…and maybe some fuzzy socks!

Yoga Classes: 


Yoga Flow  –  5:15pm-6:30pm

Tune In Yoga –  6:45pm-8:00pm

Yoga Escape –  8:15pm-9:15pm


Weekly Guided Meditations  –  7:00pm-8:00pm

Click here to see our full monthly Calendar.

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