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You no longer have to grow your business on your own.

Join the largest Community of Holistic Practitioners in the Province.

Now Accepting New Applications for Lease. 

Be amazed at what you can achieve… 

The Infinite Potential Center is the only all inclusive center for holistic medicine, services, and products in Saskatchewan.

We are here to help YOU achieve your infinite potential by coming together with clients in a never-done-before way combining multiple practitioners, workshops, and nutrition under one roof. 

Allowing you to grow your business, reach more customers, learn from other practitioners and make a difference in the people you help.

Apply now to bring your practice into our community and join our new one of a kind facility. 

Access a One of a Kind Facility…

The Infinite Potential Center is a facility designed to increase awareness and acceptance of holistic practitioners in Saskatchewan. Drawing in new clients who want to experience a compliment to, or an alternative to, western medicine.

More than just an office space… Our facility combines Essentials Eatery, with yoga, workshops, and practitioner spaces to help you grow your business like you’ve never experienced.

Meet clients in the eatery to warm them up before your session.

Host a class in our workshop space, and invite new clients to join.

Have complete access to a facility designed to help you reach your ultimate potential as a holistic practitioner.

We’re here to expand your reach, get more clients and grow your business, while you help more people than ever before. 

Click here or on the image to download our Facility Layout. 

Join the Community…

The Infinite Potential Center is quickly becoming Saskatchewan’s largest resource for Holistic Practitioners.

From its inception, the Infinite Potential Center’s mission has been to give the residents of Saskatchewan a center of help, support, education, services and products for wellness. One physical space where a person enters our facility and they are confident that they are being taken care of and are supported by the best of the best, for the greater good, always.

This means that as a practitioner you have access to other like-minded practitioners, training, and resources that you won’t find anywhere else. You will have access to more clients, and customers who come in for training, the eatery, or simply for more information.

You can network with other practitioners who compliment your practice, learning and growing your businesses side by side.

Our goal is to give the residents of Saskatchewan, and YOU, the ability to connect with each other in a setting and facility that promotes health and wellness.

 Make Your Mark & Access New Clients.

As a holistic practitioner, you know how hard it can be to attract and convince new customers to heal and grow with your services. Even though you know you can help them.

That’s why we’ve built this center. We believe in the power of transformation and helping people heal and grow through the products and services you provide. You and I both know how vital it is, and how Saskatchewan needs this more than ever.

That’s why we want to help you make your mark, to get your word out.

At the Infinite Potential Center, we encourage you to advertise in the center, put on workshops, promote training and classes, meet new clients daily, and learn from those who have gone before you.

Because we are a nucleus of health and wellness in the community, your opportunity to grow is only limited by your ambition. If you need more ambition, we can probably help with that too.  

We are now accepting applications for the following practitioner positions at Infinite Potential Center

- Acupuncturist

- Chinese Medicine Doctor

- Massage Therapist

- Reflexologist


We are team of highly passionate and inspired individuals who are making a difference and helping others reach their full potential through a holistic and homeopathic approach to medicine, healthcare and lifestyle.  

We do not operate on a competitive plane but rather work with a creative energy together to help our clients and customers through their journey of healing and beyond. Must always look for the good in others, have a positive attitude and desire to be a part of something of very big and influential.  

We are the best of the best, for the greater good always and Infinite Potential Center is a premium health center offering 9 practitioner rooms, a large classroom, boardroom, retail department and Essentials Eatery, your all inclusive holistic health care center.

If you feel that you are destined to make an impact and would like to meet or want more information, please contact us or submit your application. We will be opening our brand new facility in March 2019 but our practitioner openings will be filled much sooner.  

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