About Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential Center of Health, Wellness, and Results!

We are a community and nucleus for enhanced health and wellness for Regina, SK, and surrounding communities.

Regarded as the all inclusive holistic health care center for whole-being wellness, we will offer the products, services, education and nutrition for individuals and families to live their best quality of life in one location. The Center’s purpose is to provide alternatives, options, and a holistic approach to health care in the highest quality always. The center is complete with 9 practitioner rooms, a large classroom, a retail department and Essentials Eatery with all departments focused on health care, education, support, holistic medicine and services.

Who we serve!

We serve individuals of all ages and lifestyles who want to reach their full potential physically, mentally and emotionally.

We meet our clients and customers where they are at and journey with them to better health, wellness and results.

Our clients want to feel better, take control or enhance their health through services, products, and education via a holistic and natural approach to health and medical care as a compliment to current western medicine.

We help you reach your full potential!

How is Infinite Potential Center Different?

We stand out in the industry because we are the largest health and wellness center in Regina and surrounding area’s offering every approach to health – nutrition education, food & beverages through the cafe and eatery, holistic and homeopathic treatments and modalities, education and empowerment through our workshops and classes and the largest, diverse retail department and resources offered through the Center. We are the all inclusive holistic health care center.

We provide exceptional service and care for our clients with the expectation of serving them and their families on a continuous basis.

This industry is growing, people are seeking help and alternatives. People want to feel better, people want to learn about their choices and options. Holistic health care is becoming a way of life for many and it is through the continuous awareness that this industry will continue to evolve and expand to enhance more and more lives each day.

It is time a Center like this existed!

The problem within the industry is holistic professionals are working independently to each other and offering small niches of services and products. Education is key, but Regina lacks a supportive environment for retreats and classes.

We believe in creating together rather than competing with one another.

We have attracted a team whose intentions are to make a difference every day in the lives of other people and families through Infinite Potential Center. Our practitioners believe in the long-term care and support of our clients.

We are in this business to help others and make a difference.

In this respect, we will provide long term comprehensive plans to help our clients achieve their health and lifestyle goals and provide additional support through our classes, workshops, retail department and Essentials Eatery. Our staff and practitioners are focused on our clients with the intention of being an integral part of their health and wellness for life. We will continue to expand support and education through various platforms within health and wellness to all walks of life, including children and seniors. 


About the Founder

Crystal McRae is the primary owner of Infinite Potential Center and she has a strong desire and purpose to help others take control of their health, be empowered by knowledge and education, create a community and a movement of improvement within the city of Regina and surrounding communities. She believes that health care exists on 3 levels – emotionally, mentally and physically and without taking care of all 3, we are not living to our truest potential.

With a background in business, entrepreneurship, health and wellness she has aligned herself with the best of the best in the industry to ensure the Center provides the highest quality of service, for the greater good, always. Her core team includes individuals who are as emotionally involved and committed to helping and serving others in the industry of the health and wellness and together have created this ocean of motion in health and wellness.

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